Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Black Hawk

Love this gazebo! This was my fave blog pic day thus far!!!
Urban Outfitters Silence & Noise Architectural Dress, DRU New York Shoes, Earrings-Forever 21, Bangles-H&M

Back view

Close up on shoes!

Fierce or irritated??? Back view of hair (style instructions below)

SN: had to dig to find a cute bra b/c of the open back

Saw this pic on my high school classmate's facebook page

Words to live by!

Inspired by the above photo, this week I continued in the quest of "doing something I love". I attended an art stroll that I happened upon in Stone Mountain Village.

The featured hairstyle, The Black Hawk, has become one of my "go to" styles (especially on days 3-4 post braid/twist out). Step-by-Step instructions below:

Sunday, August 28, 2011

What's Black & White and Red All Over!?!

Tree Hugger <3

Dress-Burlington Coat Factory (caught some really good deals here when the location near my job was moving in July), Belt-Steve Madden c/o Ross, Polish-Green #5 Urban Outfitters

Front view, legs crossed (still working on these poses :/)
Back view

Silver Bangles-Burlington Coat Factory, Butterfly Bangle-snagged from a vendor at bake off/wedding/fashion show (don't ask, lol)

 Urban Outfitters Cooperative T-Strap Wedge, Polish-Sally Hansen 'No Hard Feelings'

Hair-side swept afro (secured with tuck combs), Hoop earrings c/o Ross

Brazilian Curry Chicken-Publix Apron Simple Meal

I am!!! I am finally getting into animal prints! Haven't worn my Notizia pieced wedges from FP yet, but soon! I made Sunday dinner a week ago today (yes, I'm late), had friends over, and this is what I wore. I'm trying to do more of what I love and I love entertaining :). I made the Brazilian curry chicken Publix apron simple meal and it was deelish! If you're interested in trying out this recipe, you can find it here:

I want to incorporate something that I love into my weekly routine! What do YOU love???



Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Shout out to "outs"

jumbo cornrow braid-out

jumbo flat twist-out

(flower, earrings-H&M)

jumbo individual braid-out (pulled back with black elastic headband)

I remember when I was a little girl, I would sit on the floor while my mom combed my hair. I loved the crinkle patterns left in my thick, black, bushy mane after my ponytails and braids were undone. These styles relaxed my otherwise tight curls and gave my hair movement. I would lock myself in the bathroom with my big hair and act out scenes from As The World Turns. I'd play the girlfriend of Brian Bloom's character, Dusty :). Totally telling my age right now! My acting was short lived as my mom would re-do the ponytails "hiding" my crown & glory.

As women of color, we're largely taught that our hair should be "tied down" in ponytails and braids as girls and pressed/permed as women. Don't get me wrong...I'm not anti-perm! I'm just elated that wearing our natural hair is becoming more and more accepted. I have been natural (on and off) for all of my adult life. I would cut off my perm and sport a TWA (teenie weenie afro), then let it grow out for a while, and after my afro got "too big" I would perm it again :/.

This go round I have been natural for 3 years. Thanks to YouTube and other hair blogs/vlogs, I've been able to navigate When The 'Fro Flops (My Soap Opera, lol)!!! The ironic thing is that most of my styles are achieved by braiding or twisting my hair (the way my mom used to) and then undoing it! Sure this process takes a little planning (product application, sectioning, etc...) since undone is actually done, but the results are well worth it! The naturalistas have coined the terms "braid-outs" and "twist-outs" for these styles. Braid-outs and twist-outs are also great for naturally straight and permed hair. For tutorials, search these terms on YouTube. Some of my fave vloggers are:

I look at her hair and dream :)



Monday, August 22, 2011

Have you ever...

Notizia Pieced Wedge c/o Free People

Have you ever purchased something online you were sooo excited about that you had to see it right away!?! That's what happened with these shoes! I purchased them here:

I placed the order on Friday and they were in my P. O. Box Monday!!! I had a similar experience when I purchased these:

Do you see a pattern here :)? Super fast shipping is yet another reason that I love URBN INC. Pardon me, I digress. I carried my package out of the post office, used my keys as a box cutter, and as usual Free People did not disappoint! I immediately kicked off my running shoes and tried these babies on in the parking lot!!! I was so mesmerized that I was oblivious to the couple standing behind me asking if I had a postage stamp they could buy. I'm sure they thought I was a little strange standing there in my workout gear (sweat pants, T-shirt & ankle socks) and animal print wedges LOL! Can't wait to create an outfit post with these!!! Stay tuned...



Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ode to Ross

Hair-7 jumbo cornrow "braid-out"
Windblown :)

Rings-Guess c/o Ross/Polish-Revlon "Plummy"/Clutch-gifted

Dress-One Clothing (Ross, super steal!!!)/Shoes-Boutique 9/Bracelet-Style&Co. c/o Ross

Cute outfit...afro leaning to one side. Perfectly coiffed hair, haute wedges...outfit does not materialize quite the way I envisioned it. This is the story of my life! This, along with being a single mom of 2 "tweens", a scientist, and a student. With all of this going on, I still pondered the question, "what am I passionate about?" The obvious answer, my children. Secondly, beating the odds by setting high goals for myself and achieving them. But, what else!?!

The answer came to me while perusing the aisles of Ross Dress for Less...Beauty On A Budget! I like to look good (who doesn't right???) on a budget. At that moment, my vision to create 'brit girl' was born! Admittedly, I struggle with pulling my look together completely (i.e. cute shoes...jacked up hair-do). My hope is that my triumphs (and shortfalls) will help me become more polished and offer inspiration to everyone from the urban/retro/flower girls, like me, to the more sophisticated women who want to mix things up a bit.

Please follow me on this wild ride of self discovery by a girl who's an expatriate at heart!