Friday, September 30, 2011

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday...

Wednesday's Outfit:Tunic, leggings-Urban Outfitters/Shoes-BC footwear/Bag-Esprit

Inspiration photo: Urban Outfitters

This outfit was the hardest and the easiest to recreate because I have so many super short dresses/tunics and leggings are my pants of choice! Although I have another combo that fits more with the color scheme, I decided on this one because it's from UO. I rediscovered these shoes in my "bonus closet" ;) while trying to find a pair of menswear-inspired flats...and boy am I glad I did! I felt like I was walking around in slippers all day! They will also look great with the native American-inspired looks this fall.

Thursday's Outfit: Sweater-Esprit/Jeans-Burlington/Shoes-BC footwear (gifted, thanks Mom!!!)/Belt-old

Inspiration photo: Urban Outfitters

I bought these jeans this spring off the clearance rack for around $5. At the time I didn't know how (or if) I'd wear them, but I knew I couldn't leave them for that price! I wore them once before with an off-white peasant shirt and wedges, but I like this look even more.

Friday's Outfit: Blazer-Burlington/Cami-old/Capri's-Express/Boots-Zigi c/o DSW

Take two ;)

Inspiration photo: Urban Outfitters

So...I didn't have a checkered skirt, but I did have this plaid blazer that I found at Burlington guessed it...$5! I paired it with these off-white pedal pushers from Express and voila! Backwards day!!!

It's finally the weekend! Woohoo!!! I'm playing catch up... I had so much fun recreating Urban Outfitter's early fall looks that I may just continue them throughout the weekend! Have a great one!!!



Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tried it again Tues

Urban Outfitters Lucca Couture Open Back Sundress
Anthropologie Lemon Stick Wedges
Inspiration photo: Urban Outfitters

Location: Frosty Caboose, Chamblee (find them on facebook)

S/O to my stand in photographer ;)

I had to ring the bell!

Here's my second take on the UO Early Fall looks. I purchased my dress from UO in the spring and it is very similar to the dress in the inspiration photo. I paired it with an H&M sweater and Anthro wedges. I have my little sis to thank for the shoes. I found them while thumbing through her catalogues when I was visiting my family this summer and luckily they were marked down 50% from the original price! How did I do?



Monday, September 26, 2011

Mundane Monday

Outfit: Dress-Ross (old)/Purse-Nine West/Socks-UO/Shoes-Bakers (super old)
Inspiration photo: Urban Outfitters

How do you fight the end of weekend blues? I think I've figured it out... You come up with something new to shake up your regular routine! When I saw the early fall looks for Urban Outfitters a few weeks ago, I decided I wanted to recreate them. As with many of my ideas, I filed it away in my mental Rolodex. Unlike the lost ones, this idea resurfaced and I spent the close of the weekend figuring out how I would achieve this. So far it has been challenging, but fun! How could this be challenging you ask??? Although I LOVE UO (seriously...I almost named my entire blog in their honor), I don't think their target audience is 30 something moms of tweens who work in research making their styling work for me is challenging. I've, however, risen to the challenge! I got everything from smiles and being called "baby doll" & "precious" to giggles today and I enjoyed it all! Stay tuned for more...



Friday, September 23, 2011

Twinkle Twinkle


Shirt/Jeans/Earrings-Burlington (Been going on and on about my great finds -Rock & Republic Jeans ~$12, need I say more???)

Shoes-Free People, see full post at:



Bracelets-Pink Heart (cute little accessory store in Atlantic Station)

In case anyone is hair is the result of a bantu knot out.

Still loving it! See post at:

Inspiration photo:

See Karla's full post archived under July 2011

Currently obsessed with these!

I took these pics a couple of weeks ago and am finally posting them...mostly because I'm sad and need to do SOMETHING to get out of this funk. Rough week :(. This post was inspired by super blogger Karla Deras. My little sister and fellow fashion blogger ( isn't she fab!?!) introduced me to Karla's blog and...well...what can I say, I'm hooked! How did I do with recreating Karla's look? Be nice...rough week, remember? I just may OD on Sweetarts!



Sunday, September 18, 2011

Spanish Fly


Shirt-Marshalls (recent)

Shorts-Old Navy (old)

Boots-Banana Republic c/o eBay


Necklace-Forever 21



This post was inspired by one of my favorite people in the world! She's from Spain!!! We saw this color combo (coral & tan) at H&M. She told me these colors are all the rage in Europe, so being a Brit girl at heart I couldn't wait to try them! Not only was my senorita favorita the inspiration for this outfit, she was also my photographer! We had such a great time taking these pics (I was laughing in most of them)!!! Unfortunately, she's on a plane headed back to Spain :(. FYI two weeks is far too long for a vacay because I'm having a hard time adjusting to her being gone and she just left today! Are there any color combinations you wanna try? Would you rock Spanish fly???



Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Green & Yellow Green & Yellow

Outfit: Shirt-Guess, Skirt/Earrings-Burlington, Shoes-Nine West Yung, Bracelets-Gifted

Awww just doesn't have the same ring to it as Black & Yellow (unless you're a Green Bay fan)! Sad to say but I know absolutely NOTHING about football! I do however LOVE this color combination! In my posts from here on out, I'm trying to be less like, "look at my pretty dress" even though dresses are CLEARLY my favorite article of clothing. Instead I aim to introduce styling concepts and color combinations.

I decided to try color blocking (before it goes out of style) which is new for me since I'm usually matchy...too matchy :/. I am super happy with the outcome! I got the skirt for about $5 at Burlington. I featured another item I got here when the location near my job was moving in July in this post: I pulled the shirt out of my "to dry clean" bag. I put it in there over a year ago and it still hasn't made it to the dry cleaners. Can we say Dryel!?! I love how the faux tuxedo stripe on the skirt ties in with the border of the shirt and the strappy heels. I can't wait to style this skirt in different ways. I'm totally seeing it with tall boots!



Monday, September 12, 2011

I Love My Hair!

I <3 My Hair Tee-Heritage Imani, Inc., Blue skirt/Black lace under skirt-Ross

Shoes-Urban Outfitters, Clutch-thrifted, Bracelets-Pink Heart, Earrings- mall vendor
Taking a twirl!

Natural hair stylist in action!

Natural hair show entertainment

More entertainment

Even more entertainment!
Natural hair show salon competition

They were vampires!

The crowd!

Yesterday I attended the Natural Hair Show in Atlanta, GA. It was great seeing so many naturals in one place! All the beautiful textures not to mention STYLES ranging from simple wash-n-gos to high piled dreadlocks adorned with the American Flag in honor of September 11th (and spinning, no less!) kept me in awe.

I had been holding on to my I <3 My Hair Tee, which I got from Heritage Imani, Inc. (who were also vendors at the event). I figured the dress would be eclectic so I paired it with this fun & very little blue skirt! I think it went over well until I dropped it low while doing the wobble ;). Hope you enjoy the pics!



Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My Current Obsessions

New York Fashion Week
Zara launched online shopping in the US 09/07/2011

Jeffrey Campbell Zane

Don't know if I can walk in these, but who cares!?!Seychelles Carriage, so sweet!

This week I'm obsessed with all things New York Fashion Week! Everywhere I turn, I'm hearing about it. Unfortunately, I couldn't be there :( but fortunately :) I can follow the events online and so can you! To follow, click here ---> . Here you can find designer line-ups and live streams! Thanks to Andrea Martins for tweeting this info. Follow her on twitter @andreaexpat if you're an expat (or an expat at heart, like me).

I'm also obsessed with the launch of US online shopping today at Zara (

Take a look for some great fall styles!

Last, but not LEAST I am obsessed with shoes! I came across two pair that I cannot stop thinking about!!! #1 Jeffrey Campbell Zane. These wedges (of course) are available online at Nordstrom and other shops in black and rust. I am putting an APB out on the green ones (pictured above). I first saw them on Monica Rose's blog. She's the stylist for the Kardashian's and I heart her styling! #2 Seychelles Carriage. Yep, more wedges =D! These are available online at Zappos and other online retailers in black, taupe, teal, and orange. I'm partial to the orange! Such a pretty fall color!!!

What are YOUR obsessions???



Monday, September 5, 2011

Take Two

Peplum dress/Key necklace-Ross, Shoes-Boutique 9 'Giganta'

A peplum is awesome for covering a little pooch ;o)
Bangle-H&M, Glasses/Ring-Guess

Betsey Johnson laptop case

Studded bow earrings-Burlington

Yikes! A bee!!!

Rule #1: A blogger should never be without her camera!

I broke this rule after getting super dressed up to take the kiddos to the library. After capturing some not so stellar shots with my cell phone, I headed home to get the camera (and to drop off my "not conducive to blogging" son) and headed to a location closer to home. Hopefully I got some decent shots in Take Two :/. Hope everyone has a great SHORT week!



Thursday, September 1, 2011

Usually I don't do this...

Bantu knot out: Loved it freshly unraveled!

Bantu knot out: Loved it even more at the end of the day!

Had to take off those heavy hoops though :(

Post 2 consecutive days, that is... I couldn't help it! Last night while I was searching for the link for the Black Hawk hairstyle, I came across another YouTube hair vlogger and was completely mesmerized by the beauty of her hair! I had to check out her channel!!! She had a tutorial for a Bantu knot out...yes, another "out" :). I frequently did these when my hair was shorter, but my recent attempts had been a mess! I followed her instructions and I absolutely LOVED the results! See link for tutorial: