Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Rain Drops Keep Fallin' On My Head

Dress (another one of my $10 finds), Umbrella-UO recent
Blazer-Marshall's recent
Leggings-no name old
Boots-Gee Wawa old
Flower headband- H&M old
Watch-DKNY recent

Been trying to wear more protective styles

Back view:
Excuse my crooked part :/
Did this blindly at work after working out

Can you believe it's already February!?! So many positive things have already happened this year and I'm really excited about the things I have on the horizon.  On Monday I attended Better Blogs and Brands: A Vision Board Workshop hosted by Mattie of Mattieologie and Tasha, owner of Imperfect Concepts.  This was such a great event!  Not only did I meet some great women (and one man, lol), but also I was able to come up with some goals for the blog, which I'm really excited about.  Are ya'll sick of hearing me talk about Vision Boards yet? I'm a firm believer in visualizing goals and I'm focused!

In other news :), Atlanta weather has been great!  60 degrees in January...Oh Yeah!!!  These warms temps have been accompanied by rain.  I snapped these pics after work one day last week.  I'm addicted to dresses. I wear them no matter what the weather.  How do you make your dresses suitable for cooler temps?


  1. Love your attire!

    ~Mrs. Delightful

  2. LOVE this FIT!!!!! Also, the UMBRELLA is supa cute!!!!