Friday, October 26, 2012

Life Maintenance: Get Organized

This is a new weekly segment inspired by my very first blog.
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This happens at least once a week...juggling motherhood, school, blogging, and all that comes with it.  Today I decided to take a pause for the cause and actually organize these things instead having random bags of clothing in my closet to dry clean, alter, and the when I lose 10 lbs stack.  Believe it or not, I'm a neat freak!  I was forced to take a look at myself when my bestie (can you call a guy that???) called me a semi closet hoarder.  I'm currently evaluating my closet(s) and deciding what to keep, donate, and sell.  I'm using tough love this time and getting rid of the pieces that I've been holding onto for a year or more that I haven't worn...even the pieces that still have tags.  I will post photos when my project is complete.  Please feel free to share your organizing tips as I can use as much help as I can get!
Tia Lou


  1. OMG!!! I am in the same mode right now. I am trying to reorganize my life and closet too. I am getting ready for the fall fashion to migrate into my closet. Good Luck I cannot wait to see how things come along.

    Fashion Without Guilt

    1. Thanks Breck! Let's keep each other motivated :)

  2. YES! My life is always like this! Being an employee, mommy, student and blogger makes you extremely random! I need to live in the container store.

    1. Rochelle, we're kindred spirits! Thanks for the follow :)