Monday, December 10, 2012

In Case You Want To Know What I Want For Christmas

CO vegan leather peplum tank

Ecote black magic dress

Sparkle & Fade faux ocelot coat
I wandered into my favorite Urban Outfitters (Ponce) recently and fell in love with the pieces pictured above.  UO just makes me feel good and whenever I go to this particular one, I'm inspired not only by the clothing but by the people shopping.  Ok...I'm a people watcher...I'll admit it and the folks in Little 5 Points and Poncey-Highlands have effortlessly great style.  There were so many items that caught my eye, but these were my absolute faves.  Since I'm balling on a budget in grad school, I picked up a really cute pair of printed jeans, a pair of shorts, and a pair of loafers on clearance for $25 bucks!!! Definitely keeping these beauties on the radar!  What's on your wish list?
Tia Lou


  1. While everyone is out there shopping, they can pick me up one of those vegan peplum tanks too! So fab!