Thursday, June 28, 2012

Do Over

H&M floral jeans, similar
Shoes-Nine West
Clutch-Spoiled Diva
Earrings-Pink Heart
Watch-Kenneth Cole, similar

Have you ever found a great item and felt like you didn't do it justice when you initially wore it? That's how I feel about this top previously worn here.  I found it while thrifting and had it dry cleaned as I do all of my thrifted finds.  Because dry cleaning can be a bit pricey, I exercise great care in not soiling (dance cute and refrain from eating Italian)  my dry clean only pieces.  So when a friend of mine offered to send me a Dryel kit to review, I was geeked!  The kit includes a garment bag, booster for armpits problem areas, and 2 cleaning cloths.  I was also sent a Dryel On The Go instant stain remover which will come in handy if I break my no Italian rule and go for a slice of pizza!  Since the garment bag holds up to 4 items, I cleaned this top along with a few summer dresses.  After 30 minutes in the dryer, my clothes came out as good as new and they smelled great.  I was relieved that they didn't come out with a strong perfumey odor...just clean and fresh!  I highly recommend Dryel to cut down on your trips to the dry cleaner!

Happy Friday!!!
Tia Lou

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Winter White in Summer

Shoes-Nine West Mellitta
Earrings-BCF old

On Saturday I attended White Out Domestic Violence, a fundraiser to support NuRevelations and Chayil, Inc. in their mission to empower survivors of domestic violence.   I was extremely grateful to attend an event for such a worthy cause.  Domestic Violence is a taboo topic in our society.  Events like this not only shed light on the problem so that women get the courage to get out, but also provide a means for them to strike out on their own and find jobs.  I felt empowered being in the presence of such strong and courageous women!  The dress code for the evening was all white. I love color so y'all know that was a challenge for me ;).  Photos of the event and the gorgeous attendees can be found here.
Tia Lou

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Green Circles

Shoes-Guess via Marshall's on clearance for $26
Earrings, Bracelets-F21

Nail Polish- UO "Smush"
Can you see the glitter polish on the ring finger? Need to work on that :/

I absolutely adore this Ring!  I saw Alaina wearing one with a round pendant. She told me she got it at Francesca's so I headed to the one at Perimeter Mall.  This one with the bow pendant was the only one left! I'm kind of obsessed with bows so expect to see this ring A LOT!!!

Loose Bantu knot-out

I snagged these shorts on clearance at UO several months ago and have been dying to wear them!  When I happened upon this shirt at Ross recently, I knew exactly what I would pair it with.  This outfit is perfect for the steamy nights in GA --I'm referring to climate only ;)!  I wore this to Nikka and Keren's blogiversay party.  It was such a good time!  I danced my heart out!!!  Hey when you're 37, you gotta get it in when you can =D!  Here's a group photo:

See more event photos here
Tia Lou
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Friday, June 22, 2012

Recipe for Success

For many years I have juggled single parenthood, working fulltime, and graduate school.  When I completed my Master's in Biomedical Research last year, I planned to go directly into the PhD program as that had always been my goal.  When I learned that I would have to sit out for a year, I became depressed...REALLY depressed.  It's hard to imagine, but I had become accustomed to my 16+ hour days which consisted of putting the kiddos on the bus, working 7:00-3:30, getting them off the bus, and then working in the lab 'til 10:00 PM if nothing went terribly wrong.  After being angry with my graduate program for making me reapply...the NERVE of them...and sulking for a month or so, I decided to be proactive.  I wrote down a list of things I enjoy and how to implement them into my life.  This is how if i were a brit girl was born!

Blogging has not only reignited the passion for fashion (cheesy I know...) in a woman, who as a teen walked around with a sketch book creating clothing designs, it has also enabled me to meet some pretty amazing people. 
Claire Sulmers & I
More event photos here
Claire Sulmers, founder of The Fashion Bomb, is one of these people.  She was the keynote speaker at the Style Bloggers of Color award ceremony, where she was named Style Blogger of the Year. When she told the story of leaving her job with a popular magazine to move to Paris to pursue her dream of working in the fashion industry, it felt like she was speaking directly to me.  I have recently been faced with a similar decision.  No, I'm not moving to Paris...although I do plan on living in the UK for a bit hence brit girl...I'm leaving my job to pursue my dream of earning a PhD.  Claire's speech highlighted 3 main points: 

(1) Take risks; she left her job and moved to Paris
(2) It's not going to be glamorous; she didn't shop for 2 years!?!
(3) Be motivated by the love of what you're doing (not money)

This is her recipe for success.  Hearing this helped calm my fears of the path I'm about to embark on and I look forward to the changes  my life will undergo in the coming months!
Tia Lou

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Lace on Lace


Blazer, bracelets-H&M
Urban Outfitters Pins and Needles Lace Cami
Forever 21 short rosette mesh skirt 
Belt-added from another dress
Clutch-Sherane's Vintage Closet
Earrings-Old, unknown
I wore this outfit to the finale of the conference I attended last weekend.  I was super ecstatic to be featured in the Atlanta Tastemaker with my girls Dea and Adrienne!!!  I will post conference photos on my facebook page this week...promise.  
*Monday Rant*
Have you ever had so much going on that you keep creating other stuff to do so you don't have to deal with it???  That's the story of my life right now...  I've gotta face the music though because evading reality is just causing things to get further in point posting the aforementioned pics :-\.
*End Rant*
On to better news, the winner of the $50 TJX giftcard is True Kinks.  Thanks so much to everyone that entered!  Continue reading in the coming weeks as I will be having more giveaways leading up to my 1 year blogiversary in August!
Tia Lou
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Friday, June 15, 2012

My Inner Tina

Dress-Ross $9.99!!!
Shoes-Guess Misty
Earrings- Gifted
Bracelet- F21

Nail Polish- CROWDED, UO

I went Tina Turner last weekend with the super short, but flowy (which in my mind cancels out hoochie) micro mini.  Still working on my Tina Turner legs!!!  Since I went daringly short, I decided to make it fun by color blocking.  It also gave me an opportunity to wear these T-strap color blocked Guess heels that I nabbed at BCF on clearance.  This dress was the perfect fit for a hot and humid night in GA!  It also got me a couple cat calls which I appreciate from time to time to let me know I still got it =D. 

Have a great weekend! 
I will announce the giveaway winner on Monday...
Tia Lou

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Minnie Mouse

Forever 21 oversized Peter Pan collar top
Forever 21 Bracelets
Urban Outfitters Kimchi Blue Lace Shorts, similar
Kenneth Cole Reaction Live From via Marshall's on clearance for $18, shown here in black
Collar Necklace-H&M, similar


Bantu knot-out with Beautiful Textures Curl Control

If I concentrate really hard, maybe...just maybe this will become an iPhone
I conferenced the entire weekend.  If anything encourages you to bring your A game, it's being in the presence of other bloggers!  Kristen inspired the name of this post. When she saw me, she said you look like Minnie Mouse! I guess I kinda do :). I purchased this really cute top at F21 here and unlike most of the things I buy, I knew how I would style it when I purchased it.  These shorts are a fave of mine and since I bought them in the winter I couldn't wait to break them out in warmer temps sans calf high socks and boots.  If you haven't already, enter my giveaway here.  A winner will be chosen this Friday.
Tia Lou 

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Rain

 Forever 21 Lace Inset Floral Dress
Forever 21 Cloudy Hoop Earrings
DIY Lace dress-LKV
 Plomo Maria Cork Platform Wedge
Bracelet-Old, unknown

Bantu knot-out pulled into a puff

Love how the lace dress creates a faux high/low hem
Isn't it great when you have a vision about an outfit and it comes together?! I purchased this lace dress from LKV after my Lent shopping restriction ended.  I saw it at the LKV trunk show here, but didn't want to get too excited about it for fear that it would be gone by the time I could shop again.  Luckily, it wasn't!  In it's original from this was a dress, but by removing a few stitches and cutting it open I transformed it into a duster.  I love the way it turns a simple sundress vintage. 

I couldn't help but chuckle at the thought of a lace duster/coat :).  Any of you know or remember the song The Rain by Oran "Juice" Jones?  I wanted to jammy flat blast both of you, but I didn't wanna mess up that $3700 lace coat, LOL.  Telling my age again!

Thanks to all of my subscribers, old and new!  Be sure to enter my $50 TJX gift card giveaway here!!!
Happy Monday!
Tia Lou
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Friday, June 8, 2012

Giveaway: TJX Gift Card

If you've been following the blog, you know that I'm a bargain shopper.  I love getting great deals on name brands and quality items!  Marshall's and TJ Maxx are two of my favorite places for finding deals and steals!!!  To celebrate the 9 month anniversary of my blog, May 21st, I'm late I know...I'm giving away a $50 TJX gift card.  Enter to win by leaving a comment on this post saying how you would use it.  To be eligible, you must be a subscriber.  You will receive additional entries if you follow on twitter and facebook.  A winner will be selected at Random on June 15th. Good Luck!!!
Tia Lou

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Brit Girl Does: Hair & Hip Hop

Danielle & Lexi

They were joined by:
 Celebrity hair stylist, Gabrielle who will be relocating to Atlanta
 R&B artist, K Michelle who will be starring in Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

Alex, Kela & Adrienne

Mimi, Trina, Adrienne, Jazmine, Kerrie & Tish

Lexi & Danielle are so cute!

Eboni & Adrienne

Dominique & I
Jazmine & Ren Ren
Forever 21 sheer southwest high-low dress
Bracelet- Lucky Brand
Earrings- Old, unknown

Wrapped braid used here around my afro puff
I was sooo tempted to name this post The Dynamic Duo Does It Again! Lexi and Danielle hosted 2 previous events that I attended late last year and early this year.  These events enabled me to meet many of the ladies frequently featured on my blog who I now consider not only blogger buddies, but friends.  I am super grateful for that!

Okay I'll stop being mushy...

Hair & Hip Hop was held at the luxurious Glam Bar on Peter St.  This is the salon where Gabrielle will be working.  Gabrielle styles hostess, Danielle along with Olivia from Love & Hip Hop!  She is the truth!!!  She's also very down to earth.  I have to echo this sentiment for K. Michelle!  She gave us a little of what we can expect on Atlanta's Love & Hip Hop and  even sang a few lines.  I'm really excited about Gabrielle relocating here! Maybe I'll even get over my phobia and get some color...  I'm also excited about Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.  Be sure to tune in June 18th on VH1.
Tia Lou

Sunday, June 3, 2012

To The Most Fabulous Woman I Know

Vintage Dress- Savannah G's
Flower Pendant (worn as bracelet)- Savannah G's
Clutch- Gifted from Aunt Lou

I posted pictures here from my visit last weekend with Aunt Lou.  We had so much fun that we had to do an outfit change, duh!  I was so tempted to post these photos in black in white, but I wanted to display the vibrant colors in this dress.  The dress pictured is a vintage piece that Aunt Lou's had for over 25 years!  Isn't it gorge?!  This just proves that style is timeless.  I could go on and on about how fabulous Aunt Lou is, but I figured I should let you see for yourself...

Isn't she just FAB!?!  I've got a lot to aspire to!
Happy Monday!!!
Tia Lou

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