Monday, July 30, 2012

Brit Girl Does: Miss Jessie's Pillow Soft Curls

Lexi, the super sweet hostess

Lexi, Adrienne, Farrah, Arkeedah & Charrise

Lanae, Yolanda & Kela

Jazmine, Kela & Dee Dee

Bernetta, Trina, Kristen & Adrienne

The models, Eboni & Lena

Charrise, Farrah, Arkeedah, Kela, Lanae & Nikka

We all received some Pillow Soft Curls to try at home! Thanks Miss Jessie's!!!

Review coming soon...

My outfit:
Forever 21 pintucked Peter Pan collar shirt
Old Navy Rockstar super skinny jeans
Bandolino Varnissa booties
BCF Bow earrings
H&M bracelets

The Miss Jessie's Pillow Soft Curls event took place on Friday at Curltopia Salon.  Since I'm still learning my hair, I'm always excited about new products.  I was really impressed with the curl definition achieved using the product with only finger styling!  The stylist emphasized the importance of making sure the hair is wet (not just damp) during product application to prevent flaking.  Kela, my hair inspiration, gave me some advice on stretching my curls using a concentrator.  I'm definitely going to implement these tips for my next wash & go and hopefully I won't end up looking like JJ from Good Times like I normally do with my post 2nd day hair!  I can't wait to try this product because who doesn't want Pillow Soft Curls!?!
Tia Lou

Friday, July 27, 2012

Brit Girl Does: Pampered & Martini's

Dee Dee, Kiva, Ally & Nikka-the hostess with the mostest

Parker, April & Nikka

Kasundra, owner of Sol Oasis (and such a sweetie) giving Niki one of her signature mani's

Mini massages

Lynn and her lovely accessories
My PJs for the evening

Top row: (L to R) Me, Parker, Ally, Nikka, Lakeisha
Bottom row: (L to R) Dee Dee, April, Sophia, Lynn

Can I just say I looove Nikka's tweet ups!?!  There's ALWAYS something fab in store for us BFFs!  This one took place at Sol Oasis and featured mini facials, mani/pedi's, and massages--this was my fave for obvious reasons (hello cute guy with the hands of a God)!!!  My next favorite was mingling with the girls and meeting some fun new ones, Hi Ms. Sophia!  She literally kept me laughing the entire night!!!  And laughter is food for the soul... We made it! Happy Friday!!!
Tia Lou 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hanky Panky

Ecote Handkerchief dress, similar
Plomo Maria Cork Platform Wedge
Forever 21 bracelet
Burlington Coat Factory earrings

Shingled with Jane Carter Curl Defining Cream, See review here

I literally LOL'd when I wrote the title of this post, inspired by my handkerchief dress!  I wore this outfit to the Shimmer GNO event.  This was my birthday dress last year.  I have this thing with wearing a dress worn for a special occasion more then once.  Am I the only one???  Thankfully I'm getting over it and realizing a cute dress can be worn more than once! I'm totally seeing myself style this with a chunky cardigan and boots when the weather permits...
Tia Lou

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Brit Girl Does: Shimmer GNO

Pretty Ladies
Dea, Cyndi & Monica

The ever sweet, Sojourner & lovely attendee
Denise Stokes, fab Shimmer Boutique owner & lovely attendee
Ladies of the YWCA

Hair demos
Love her color!

Complimentary makeovers

DJ  Nash
I won discounted services from him during the raffle!  Party over here!!!

Parker, Dee Dee, Lynn

Kerrie, Dea and her pretty intern, Parker & yours truly
Smooches from the Virtuous One :)
My outfit deets will be posted on the blog Wednesday
I love a good party and a party with a purpose is an added bonus! Girls Night Out was just that!  There were cupcakes & cocktails, raffles, and shopping.  The proceeds from the raffle tickets and a portion of the shopping benefited the YWCA Women in Transition, a program that helps homeless women regain self sufficiency.  Attendees were also encouraged to donate clothing to this cause.  This was such a great event for an amazing cause! I even got a few makeup application pointers :).  Check out my facebook page for more event photos.
Tia Lou
P.S. I'm mingling with Bon Bon Rose Girls Today

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Product Review: Jane Carter Solution

Samples of Jane Carter Solution Revitalizing Leave-in Conditioner and Curl Defining Cream received here

Freshly washed and conditioned hair

Detangled with Jane Carter Solution Revitalizing Leave-in Conditioner then shingled with Curl Defining Cream

I have a love/hate relationship with shingling my hair.  I love the curl definition, but the shrinkage is outta control! Here are photos of the last time my hair was straight for comparison!!!  I generally wear my hair shingled during the summer to give myself a break from twisting, etc. nightly.  I've been on a quest to find a product that doesn't leave my hair crunchy/flaky requiring me to wash again prior to re-styling.  I am sooo in love with Jane Carter Solution Curl Defining Cream!  Hours after styling my hair, it still had body!!!  It wasn't that frozen solid hair that just looked good, but you were horrified that someone would touch.  In fact later that night when I was celebrating with my bestie for her birthday, my curls were bouncing as I did my best Tina Turner impersonation to Rolling on the River...don't ask,LOL!!!  I also really liked the leave-in.  I noticed I had considerably less shedding while detangling.  I also used it the following day to refresh my curls.  With both products I was amazed how a little went such a long way.  It didn't even take the entire jar of the smallest sample of the Curl Defining Cream to style my hair!?!  I will be adding both of these products to my repertoire of styling aids!
Tia Lou 
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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Straps & Stripes

 Be Bop Striped Dress, similar
Cooperative Wedge, similar
Bracelet- F21
Watch- DKNY, similar
Earrings- Thrifted, here

I wore this to Tami's Blogger Luncheon at Strip. I ran into a few of my fave bloggers (pictured below).
For more photos, check out my instagram: TiaLou75

(SN: I feel like Mike Wazowski in this pic.  There's this scene in Monster's Inc.where he's like I'm on the cover of a magazine, but he's covered with a barcode)

Hi my name is Tia and I fall asleep with my glasses and the lights on.  I guess I need to see my dreams!  Truth is, I try to squeeze the absolute most into the day...chauffeuring my teens to their summer activities, working, preparing to return to grad school, and attending an event here and there :).  Generally when I get in bed around 1:00 or 2:00 AM, I'm checking things off the previous day's to do list and adding things to the current day's.  At some point old age sleep catches up with me, lights glaring and all.  Then I wake up to my alarm at 6 AM with my glasses smeared like I was making out with them o_O.  I'm working on getting my schedule back under control since both the kiddos and I will be starting school in just a few weeks.  I say this as I'm working on this post at 2:30 AM on a workday...  Might as well ride this week out and aim to do better next week, right!?!  I may just keep my glasses on for the heck of it!

Happy Friday!!!
Tia Lou

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fancy Pants

Chambray shirt-BCF
Tank- F21
Shorts- H&M, Conscious Collection 2012
Shoes- Cheap Monday Saviour Sianii Sandal
Necklace- Delia's Really Old
I Love Thrifting Group Photo 

Last week was hectic as have been most of my weeks lately.  I woke up Saturday and really wanted to go on the I Love Thrifting tour.  Unfortunately I missed the deadline to RSVP. Keren allowed me to come and register on site.  She is super sweet!  I had a ball just as I thought I would!!!  See photos here.  It was great to be chauffeured around for a change and I went HAM in the stores!  I'm pretty sure I bought more than anyone else on the bus!?! I can't wait to debut my newly thrifted finds on the blog.  I want to do a challenge of some sort to ensure the items I purchased don't just get stuffed in the abyss my closet.  Any ideas??? 

On another note, I'm really happy that my computer is back up and running.  It was out of commission Monday which is why this is my first post this week.  Somehow my computer was unable to recognize my profile.  I couldn't access any files or pictures.  Can you image losing years of photos of your children?!  I was in tears! Luckily the problem wasn't permanent.  If you guys don't make it a regular practice to back up your photos, please do so!  That scare was definitely a wake up call for me!
Tia Lou

Friday, July 6, 2012

Independence Day

Urban Outfitters Cooperative Linen Sundress
Urban Outfitters Earrings
Esprit Denim Jacket ancient
Esprit Watch
Camouflage Converse

I wish I could say I wore this for the 4th of July...truth is I wore it on the 5th.  The kiddos and I met some friends at a catered BBQ on the 4th and because I was going someplace I hadn't been before I decided to err on the side of caution and dress a little more conservative. For me this meant a dress I could wear a bra with with a little more coverage and heels in place of Chucks. The BBQ was really nice.  Unfortunately we didn't get to see fireworks since the ones we generally go see in the quaint little neighboring town got rained out the night before. 

How cool is this graffiti background!?!  I always pass this place when I take my daughter to volunteer.  I figured I stop on the way home and snap a few pics because all my outfit posts of late have been the same backdrop, running out the front door on my way out.  Graffiti makes me feel like a total rock star so I couldn't resist getting into character...

Happy Friday!!!
Tia Lou