Friday, August 31, 2012

Product Review: Miss Jessie's Pillow Soft Curls

Cheesy...I know, but I love how the packaging makes it so easy to apply!

I also love that it's super soft, "pillow soft" to be exact :) and I still have curl definition on Day 2

Last but certainly not least, I noticed significant growth in a short period of time
 I instagrammed the photo on the left July 20th and the one on the right August 22nd
I attended Lexi's event last month and was fortunate enough to observe a Miss Jessie's Pillow Soft Curls demo and bring some home.  This product has been my savior over the last month! I had so many things going on in my life that my hair moved way, way down the priority list.  I literally got up every morning, wet my hair, and applied some PSC --am I the only one who creates acronyms for my fave things???  Not only did I get a ton of compliments because of my soft and defined curls, but I also got some growth/length retention!  I can safely say this is my new go-to product for wash and go's.  Shout out to Miss Jessie's for continuing to create products for different needs and a variety of hair types.  Curly girls if you haven't tried this, I definitely recommend giving it a test run!

S/N: grad school is is turning me into an uber nerd...Observe? Acronyms? Test Run?
Tia Lou

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Tomato Red

Shirt- Ross
 Jeans- Ross, similar
Tank- Old Navy
Shoes- Free People Notizia Pieced Wedge
Bracelet- Lucky Brand
Earrings- Forever 21

Twist-out gone wrong so resorted to my go to puff
So I'm slowly but surely getting back to normal...  This weekend I hung a few pictures at the new place and did a little decorating.  It was definitely a breath of fresh air considering I've spent the past few weekends unpacking.  It also helped me feel a little more at home :).  I'm a habitual to-do lister and I actually created a list of things that would make me feel more at home at the new place.  Decorating was on the list along with cooking and a few other things.  If you follow me on Instagram @TiaLou75, you witnessed my not very elaborate Sunday dinner which means I'm adjusting and I get to cross 2 things off my list!

I wore this outfit to a blogger meet up I attended yesterday.  More deets on that later...  Wishing you guys an amazing week!  I'll be in study mode as my first test is rapidly approaching!!!
Tia Lou 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Brit Girl Does: Fab'rik BFFTweetUp

The lovely hostess, Nikka and I
Keren in her fabulous Fab'rik dress
Lynn's accessories are always on point!
Styling challenge: Quinn

Styling challenge: April

Styling challenge: Sophia

Yours truly ;)

FM Fashion Mixer, Mary, and I am fashion weak
Nikka debuting the BFF website

My Outfit:
Dress- Urban Outfitters
Shoes- Madden Girl Looop
Accessories- Forever 21
You guys know I've been off the scene for a minute while getting acclimated to the many changes in my life.  I figured what better way to get back into things than hanging with my BFFs!  The tweet up was held at Fab'rik in Atlantic Station.  This was my first trip and I can honestly say I'm a fan!  I bought 4 dresses!!!  I also have a few more items on my wish list so in my Schwarzenegger voice I'll. Be. Back.  It was great reconnecting with the girls and I'm super proud of Nikka for the launch of her new website =D.
Tia Lou

Monday, August 20, 2012

Just Another Day...

Top- thrifted
Skirt- Esprit
Shoes- Madden Girl
Clutch- Steve Madden
Earrings- BCF
Bracelet- Guess

So stoked I found my favorite clutch in the bottom of my closet while packing!


Hola!!! I had my first gathering at my new place this weekend and I'm finally starting to feel like I live there.  Shout out to my besties for helping me make a house a home!  Thanks to you guys for continuing to support me in my transition.  I hope to get back to my regular posting schedule this week.  I also have A Lot of catching up to do on blog reading and responding to all of the wonderful comments you've posted in the past couple of weeks...please bear with me!  Ok gotta go crack these books! Have an awesome Monday!!!
Tia Lou

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Change Is The Only Constant

 In the past 2 weeks I’ve moved, started my PhD program, become the mother of a high schooler, and today marks the last day of my 10 year career as a biologist!  Besides being stressed, exhausted, and a nervous wreck, I’m also excited about what the future holds.  I am under no false pretense that the ride I’m embarking on is going to be an easy one.  On the contrary, I know that it’s going to be rough.  My thought process is sacrifice now and reap the benefits later.  Even with that said, I know there has to be balance.  I struggled with this when I was working on my Master’s mainly because I had too many things on my plate with working fulltime and raising my children.  My answer to this was my very first blog Life Maintenance where I sporadically vented and tried to create solutions when I felt overwhelmed with all that I was juggling.  My answer this time is to take some things off my plate hence my not working concurrently.  While I’m not enthused about returning to starving student status, I’m geeked about being able to give more time and energy to my studies…pun intended.

Kiddos 1st day of school
Last day of work
(SN: Is it just me or do I look like I ate the me in the poster.  Hitting the gym stat!)
So how will my new life affect Brit girl?
In the long run, when I finish school I’m UK-bound J.  For now, I’m going to continue blogging and do my best to post regularly.  My posts will still highlight my personal style and natural hair but will also serve as a platform for other areas of my life such as this one.  I hope you’ll continue to support me as I need as many hugs (both concrete and virtual) as I can get these days…
Tia Lou

Monday, August 13, 2012

Brit Girl Does: Easter Seals Make The First Five Count

Norma Center, Development Coordinator of Easter Seals North GA (L)
Lenora Bowler, The Ellenora Agency (R)

Rolling Out Magazine was also in the house!

Frank McCullough, Store Manager with Norma and Q Parker of 112

Q showing us his skills at tying a bow tie


Q was interviewed by Rolling Out
Catch his interview here
I got into the bow tie theme by wearing an H&M bow tie dress (from last spring) along with a thrifted blazer

On August 3rd I attended an Easter Seals of North GA event highlighting the Make The First Five Count campaign, a national awareness and advocacy effort designed to give children at risk of developmental delays, autism or other disabilities the right support they need to be school-ready and build a foundation for a lifetime of learning.  The event was held at Mezlan Shoes Phipps Plaza and the guest of honor was Q Parker of the award winning R&B group 112.  As a father, this cause is near and dear to Q's heart. As a mom of 2, I also value the importance of education and recognize how important it is to identify potential developmental issues early on.  Click here to find out more about Make The First Five Count and Easter Seals.
Tia Lou

Monday, August 6, 2012

Product Review: Coco Curls Twist/Bantu Knot-Out

2 Strand twists with Coco Curls
SN: Not a big fan of wearing my hair twisted, but was super tired of it.  It was either this or shave it...

Kept the twists for 3 days, then Bantu knotted them the 3rd night.
When I took the twists out, this is what I got!  I absolutely love it!!!

The following night I took large sections and did Bantu knots again.  My hair here was the result.
Since I love this so much, I'll probably 2 strand twist/Bantu knot on a low key weekend to achieve this look.

Coco Curls
If you haven't tried this yet, you definitely should! Moisture+Hold and it smells great!!!
Disclaimer: The above photos are outfit post rejects, but I decided to use them because I liked the outcome of my hair :). I had actually gotten a post ready on Friday with the outfit from the first picture, but I just couldn't bring myself to publish it.  I figured you guys would forgive since I'm mid transition in my life right now...
Tia Lou

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Dress- Delia's
Shoes- Guess
Belt- Forever 21
Earrings- H&M


My daughter :)
I love it when she lets me photograph her!
Hi guys! So my life is literally in transition right now, but I'm going to do my best to keep posting regularly.  Sunday before last the kiddos and I went to church for the first time this year #don'tjudge. Afterward I stopped by my favorite spot to take pics.  When we got home the kids were in such a great mood...guess we really needed that!!!   When I asked them how they liked the service my daughter said, "it was okay" which in teen language means she liked it.  Why can't they ever admit they enjoyed something!?! My son said that he liked the music and the bread was good...communion, LOL!!!  With everything I have going on right now...going back to grad school, the kiddos starting school, and my daughter starting high school AT THAT it will be a little while before we go back.  Once I get settled, I definitely plan to make going to church part of the routine as it once was...  
Tia Lou