Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I Got My White Coat!!!

What I Wore:
Shirt- Marshall's
Pants- Express (old faithfuls)
Shoes- Kimchi Blue Wingtip Heel, Urban Outfitters

Last Friday was my white coat ceremony.  It is a ceremony where medical and graduate students not only receive coats, but also take a pledge to use the knowledge we obtain through our respective programs for the good of our communities and mankind.  Although I received a coat during my Master's program, this time was special because I was cloaked by a fellow colleague who received her PhD a few years ago.  She is a mom of three and knowing she made it through gives me confidence that I too can do it.  This transition has been far from easy, but having the shoulders of others that came before me to stand on makes the obstacles that I face scalable and gets me closer to my dream of becoming a fashionista/scientist/PhD :).
Tia Lou

Sunday, September 23, 2012

LUHV2LIVE: The 5 Biggest Reasons Men Cheat

The beautiful Rasheeda commanding the attention she deserves
What I Wore:
Dress- Marshall's
Belt borrowed from another dress
Boots- Seychelles
Clutch- Spoiled Diva
Accessories- H&M, Forever 21
This was my first outing with my new haircut
The cast along with the BFFs
SN: What was I looking at???
Hi guys!!!  First off I need to apologize for my lack of posting lately.  My grandmother is very ill.  I surprised her with a visit to Ohio last weekend and I'm so happy I did.  She literally had tears in her eyes when the kiddos and I walked into her hospital room.  It was hard for me to see my grandma like that.  She has always been a firecracker, in a good way ;).  Although the outlook is vague, I'm pulling for a full recovery so please keep her in your prayers. 

I attended this event at Bar One a couple of weeks ago.  David got the crowd riled up by opening with the statement, "There are 3 types of men."

(1) Men who cheat
(2) Men who want to cheat
(3) Men who used to cheat

This opened up some very interesting dialogue with the audience!  He continued with what he says are The 5 Biggest Reasons Men Cheat

(1) Familiarity, tired of the same ole thing
(2) Fun
(3) Frequency, not getting enough at home
(4) Freakishness fades, wife doesn't continue to do the same things she did when they were dating
(5) Father's fault, God made the flesh weak

We were all jumping out of our seats by the time he revealed reason #5!  A psychologist joined the panel at the end and made a very valid point...men cheat because women allow it.  She contended that if we don't accept that behavior, it will not be perpetuated.  I agree.  What say you???  To view more of the dialogue, check out LUHV2LIVE on facebook.  Thanks to Cameo Ventures for the invite.
Tia Lou 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

New Life New Look

If you follow me on Instagram (@TiaLou75) *shameless plug*, you know I've been contemplating this haircut forever, but I kept telling myself it was not the right time for one reason or the next...  When my bestie was wrapping up her week-long vacation in Atlanta from Spain and I figured what better way to commemorate her trip than by doing something totally off the wall!?!  I always feel like a better person when she comes!  I'm eating better, exercising, and I just feel better about my life as a whole!!!  I can't wait 'til she's here for good!  In the meantime, I am going to use my new look as a means to keep me on track and motivated so that the changes she helped me implement stick! Happy Friday...
Tia Lou

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Guess What's Coming to Atlanta!?!


TOPSHOP!!!  *in my best British accent*
Nordstrom Phipps Plaza welcomes the line today, September 10th 2012.  They will host a launch party, Saturday, September 15th from 1:30-4:30.  I literally can't wait to get my hands on these items that up to now I could only view online and dream!
Tia Lou

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Brit Girl Does: Fashion Nite Out

Hosted by:
Blog Fab Fashionistas

Blazer, shirt- Ross
Shorts- Marshall's
Shoes- Nine West
Clutch- Steve Madden
Bracelet- gifted from Spain
Earrings- Guess

Photo courtesy of Kiwi the beauty

 Happy Friday guys! Technically it's still Thursday for me since I haven't gone to sleep... I attended the BFFTweetUp Fashion Nite Out event at Lenox Square and Phipps Plaza in Atlanta.  Fashion Nite Out began at 6:00 PM at Neiman Marcus Lenox Square.  At 6:30, the party migrated across the street to Phipps Plaza where fashionistas traveled from Saks to Lilly Pulitzer to Belk and ultimately ended up at Twist.  Each store had its own unique interpretation of Fashion Nite Out and the BFFs did what we normally do...PARTY!!!  Have a great weekend!
Tia Lou